Automated Methods Technologies (AMTEC) specializes in the design and development of custom data acquisition and process control systems for laboratory, pilot plant, and industrial applications.

Our systems have typically quadrupled the throughput in laboratories by reducing operator labor, improving measurement reliability and data handling, and generating test reports.

AMTEC has extensive experience in developing materials testing systems per ASTM, UL, FAA, DOD, Navy, and proprietary procedures and specifications.

We have developed materials testing systems for custom procedures involving fire, flame, and smoke monitoring, acoustics testing, filtrations testing, strain measurement, multi-axis position control, and many others.

AMTEC can provide complete system integration services, including sensor and instrumentation selection, custom sensor development, interface design, and software development.

Our experience includes developing systems with dedicated computers using plug-in data acquisition boards, distributed control systems using a control room computer with GPIB and serial interfaces, and portable systems using laptop computers.

AMTEC can provide either full turnkey systems or provide interfaces and software to upgrade existing manual systems.

We have experience designing process controls using traditional closed-loop dedicated controllers. Our preference is National Instruments products. AMTEC is a National Instruments Alliance member. We have developed LabView programs since the beta version of LabView 2 on the Mac. We have experience with daq boards in both Macs and PCs, with GPIB devices, with SCXI chassis, and with FieldPoint modules.

Go to our Products & Systems page to see a few examples of systems that AMTEC has developed.



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